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A healthy spine is good for people of all ages. Regardless of your age, size or condition, safe and natural chiropractic care makes perfect sense, and it can begin as early as a few days old.

It’s hard to imagine a tiny human, who can’t walk or even roll over, already having a misalignment, but it’s true. During the birth process, especially if it was a difficult birth, the infant can become subject to blocked nerves and even central motor impairment.

Have you known any babies who suffered from colic? Colic is thought to be an infant’s response to pain. Chances are, you either had a baby who cried violently for lengthy amounts of time for no apparent reason, or you’ve probably known someone who’s had a colicky infant. Usually, digestion is the lead suspect, but it’s the belief of chiropractors, that due to the high incidence of abnormal spinal joint function found in colicky infants, that spinal dysfunction may be a significant cause of colic. Researchers concluded in a study of infants with colic, that standard chiropractic treatment constitutes an effective treatment of colic.

Even if the baby isn’t colicky, it’s still a good idea to have a trained chiropractor check your baby’s alignment to get them started off on the right foot, so to speak. Not only could there be a subluxation, but the hips or other joints may be misaligned as well.

“We’ve seen babies as young as just a few days old in our office. The proper attention to the development of the spinal structure early on can lead to fewer spinal problems as adults,” says Dr. Ray Vactor of Wexford Chiropractic Centre.

The chiropractic treatment of infants is the same as adults but with very little force and is isolated to a smaller area. This is the most natural and gentle treatment your baby can experience. If you’re a new parent, you’re scheduling your baby’s pediatrician visits, so why not schedule a chiropractic consultation today!

 Dr. Raymond Vactor has been practicing for over 30 years in Western, PA and believes the key to wellness is the combination of exercise, nutrition and chiropractic care. www.wexfordchiropractic.com   724-935-1610

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