Testimonial – Wexford Chiropractic Centre


R.E. , Patient

Dr. Ray Vactor No Comments

Dr. Vactor is someone I would highly recommend to anyone.  His professional demeanor and knowledge of both body mechanics and nutrition is second to none. He has done so much to improve my quality of life.  I have more energy and  better outlook on life.  I recommend him to anyone.

M. C., Patient

Dr. Ray Vactor No Comments

Every time I see Dr. Ray, I feel so much better! His method of care to his patients is very good; making exact and gentle adjustments. Dr Ray also helps his patients with nutrition and vitamin supplement recommendations. I would recommend Dr. Ray to anyone looking for a deserved boost to their overall health!

J. I., Patient

Dr. Ray Vactor No Comments

He’s the best around with the most wonderful office staff. I look forward to each appointment because I know I will leave with relief and another step closer to being healed. I am always on the go, so sometimes I need to call and make appointments the day of and they always coordinate to get me in, especially if I’m in need of an adjustment asap. Dr. Ray genuinely cares about your overall health.  I highly recommend Dr. Ray!

K.L., Patient

Dr. Ray Vactor No Comments

I’ve been going to Dr. Vactor for a little over a year.  I originally went with an ankle problem.  It took several visits but he took care of the problem.  I still go for adjustments a couple of times a month and I generally feel much better.  I feel that I have fewer aches and pains.  Dr. V and staff are very nice.