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An optimal functioning spine and nervous system equals optimal health and a condition known as Vertebral Subluxation can prevent you from having optimal health. Use our virtual tour to see how your body works.

It is well known to health care professionals that minor displacements in the spine are known as Vertebral Subluxations and are the cause of most of the unwanted conditions people suffer from every day. These displacements or subluxations of spinal vertebrae cause endangering stress to your spinal cord, which acts as the intelligence line for your whole body. Subluxations are often due to poor sleeping habits, poor posture, strenuous exercise, injuries stemming from poor work conditions, automobile accidents, sports, slips or falls, and even the birthing process itself.

This is why we make it a point to check each person in the family to create a family record for the detection of Vertebral Subluxation.